Managing Your Mental Well Being While Job-Searching

April 13, 2020

The tech industry has seen rapid growth spurts in the past couple of years. CNBC highlights how the tech industry is expected to generate the most money, products, and jobs over the next 10 years. Indeed, it is an industry fraught with opportunity, as Maryville University details that the overall job growth in software alone is expected to hit

5 Ways to Define Your Career Goals as a Software Engineer

September 13, 2019

It’s easy to decide to find new career opportunities based on your career goals, but what if you don’t know how to set career goals for yourself? This article discusses five techniques you can adopt today to get your engineering career back on track and achieve the goals, work-life balance, and motivation you’ve always dreamed about.


How STELLARES is changing the game with High Precision AI-Matching for Talent Acquisition

September 11, 2019

As the People space becomes more dependent on technology overall, the efficient use of web-crawling and high-precision AI-matching in HR is changing the game in Talent and Acquisition.

Analyzing the Software Engineering skills trends with ML/NLP

May 23, 2019

Earlier this week, our team released a Skills Widget that shows how technical skills trend over time. In some ways it is comparable to Google Trends, which displays trending internet searches. The main difference, however, is that we collect our data by analyzing online job descriptions. This information can then be used by software engineers to see trends in the domain, and personalized to each - which skills to pick up to optimize for compatibility with future jobs.

Managing Your Career in a Talent-First World

May 2, 2019

The ball is in your court, but do you know what to do with it? Never before has it been so challenging for companies to recruit, engage and retain talent. Recruiting and HR professionals know it, CEOs know it, and you probably know it too. But what does it actually mean for you, the talent,


How to Find a Company Culture That Fits

April 26, 2019

Choosing a company culture is a bit like choosing a pair of shoes. If it’s a fit, you might not even notice it, but you’ll walk through life feeling confident, comfortable, ready to give your full self each day. If it’s not a fit? Ouch. You’ll feel it all the time, slowing you down, grinding


Interviewing for a Job? Don’t Forget to Interview your Boss

April 18, 2019

Why is it that companies tend to call the shots in the interview process? When a company makes a new hire, the hiring manager is empowered to do what it takes to get to know the candidate, how they’ll fit with the team and what skills they’ll bring to the table. That just makes sense,


Choosing a Job? Learn How to Choose Your Team First

April 11, 2019

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This piece of wisdom from entrepreneur Jim Rhon is frequently quoted, perhaps because it rings so true for so many. The people you surround yourself with have a tremendous influence on your life. Knowing that, doesn’t it seem obvious that we


You Only Get to Quit Your Job at Google Once. Is Now the Time?

April 9, 2019

Use this framework to weigh your options and take chance out of the equation By the time an average engineer at a company like Google or Facebook says yes to a new job opportunity, they will have said no to — or rather, ignored — thousands of LinkedIn invitations from companies eager to hire them.

Male Tech Founders Rarely Get Around to Hiring More Women

March 1, 2019

When is the right time to make diversity a priority for your company? For men who start tech companies, the answer is, apparently, never.